Motivational Interviewing

An evidence-based practice that can be transformative in helping staff meet the needs of the individuals they are partnering with. MI is a collaborative, person-centered approach that helps to guide an individual toward their own reasons for change and help them garner the resources and supports they need to make the changes that they want, to achieve their self-defined success.


In this component, you will learn how to be an active listener by using the strategies for effective communication. Secondly, you will learn about reflective listening and how it can be useful in conversation. We will also cover how to positively affirm others. The last component of communication is writing the comeback story, which is a story told with intentional purpose to inspire hope.

Career Development

In this component, we will work with you on developing your resume and teach you about cover letters and how they can be helpful. We will go over the interview process and teach you the necessary skills needed to make sure you have a positive interviewing experience.

Customized Training Available

Please contact Kim Bisset, Ed.D to learn about additional training topics and scheduling options. Kim is very happy to talk about creating a customized training based on your unique staff and your program needs.