Meet my team of trainers otherwise known as GIFTers

Antoinette Jones, CPS

Lead trainer

A Certified Peer Specialist and part of the team since July 2019, Antoinette has been a great asset. "GIFT is more than just a job for me, it is my life." She has dedicated her time to educating the young adults on the curriculum that she has helped improve. "The GIFT training opened doors for me that I never knew existed." In taking this training Antoinette discovered what her gifts are and how she can use them to make a difference in the lives of  the people around her. 

Lexi Fana, CPS


Lexi started interning with Kim around September of 2018.  She has loved every moment and is so glad she gets the chance to show other LGBTQ+A young adults that "'we' are more than what other people think about us." "G.I.F.T. really has changed my life for the better" "I was always home and didn't really have a job until now." "Kim gave me the opportunity to help young adults with my lived experience and travel around to help teach  and assist other future mentors with their goals."