Antoinette Jones, CPS

Assistant Program Director/Lead Trainer

Antoinette graduated from the G.I.F.T. training in November of 2018 and joined the training team  in July of 2019. She started as a beginner trainer and has worked her way up the ladder to  Assistant Program Director.  Antionette brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS), and she is trained in Motivational Interviewing. Antoinette shares her lived experience with mental health and substance use challenges to set the stage to empower young adults to move forward in their lives and careers. 

“My core gift is having compassion for the people I meet. I do this by approaching them with an open, non-judgmental mind; offering my honesty and charismatic personality while creating a safe and comfortable space for them to be in.”
-Antoinette Jones

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