Testimonial Video

Hear the testimonial of one of our G.I.F.T. Graduates


What some GIFT graduates had to say about their experience taking the training

"The communication concepts, tactics and skills that are taught in the G.I.F.T. training course are things that all humans should learn."

Derek Brisson

GIFT #44

“You learn about yourself, others and strategies to enhance your personal life and your career. Everybody has a story."

Camden Brannon, CPS

GIFT #47
Community Health Link (CHL)

"G.I.F.T. helped me distinguish the difference between listening and mindful listening. I learned how important it is to affirm people"

Luke Goodrich

GIFT #50

"I feel so privileged to have taken the G.I.F.T. training.
I gained so much insight about myself and how I can better support those around me."

Ali Gold, CPS

GIFT #51
Youth and Young Adult Peer Coordinator

"G.I.F.T. helped me realize my potential and desire to help other people. It also helped me in my own personal life with communicating my feelings in a healthy manner."

Brittney Beckham

GIFT #51